Slot Machine Tricks To Maximize Your Winnings

Those looking for tricks that allow you to win the slot machine, on the net can find dozens of them, of various kinds and applications. In fact, in all cases these are ineffective systems aimed at inducing enthusiasts to bet. Slots are absolutely casual games, so the existence of slot machine tricks that allow you to hit winning combinations at each spin of the reels is unthinkable. Both online and land slots are games for which the luck component plays a decisive role.

If it is true that there are no infallible slot machine tricks, it is also true that there are some TRICKS, some STRATEGIES, certain GAME BEHAVIORS, whose correct application allows you to maximize the odds of hitting winning combinations, significantly increasing the odds of winning the game. player.

What we are going to indicate below, therefore, are not slot machine tricks that allow you to hit the slots, but simple tips and game strategies used by more experienced players. These tips allow you to choose the slot machine that best suits your needs and explain what behavior to adopt in order to have a better chance of making winning combinations.

The tips given below pertain to slot machine play in general. To find out the strategies and game systems developed specifically for a particular slot, click on the name of the same if it is listed.

Using Bonuses: The Most Effective Of The Slot Tricks

The best online casinos offer new players free bonuses of different types: welcome bonuses, on deposit, free. In some cases, these bonuses consist of a small amount of real money that is credited to the new player without even the obligation for the latter to make a first deposit.

Being able to SELECT the online room that delivers the MOST ADVANTAGEOUS BONUSES and conforms to your pockets, certainly represents the most valid of the Slot Machine Tricks.

This is because online slots provide an average payout of 97% compared to the bets made, so starting to play using a medium-high bonus, allows you to significantly increase the chances of ending the game session with winnings.

The correct behavior to adopt when playing with slot machine bonuses is to stop playing once you have made a withdrawable win and select another casino that offers attractive bonuses, always with the intention of taking advantage of the high payout circumstance. 

Don’t change the slot that doesn’t pay right away

Most players tend to substitute the slot that doesn’t pay after playing it for a while.

This is a bad move because online slots return 97% of the total wagers, which means that the machine to which a lot of tokens have been inserted must necessarily pay out winnings, also paying a percentage on the tokens. entered by those who have played before us.

Also in this case it is not a question of slot machine tricks, but of a precious advice: it is preferable to continue playing the slot to which tokens have been inserted (therefore at least partially loaded) rather than deciding to try your luck at another slot.

Continue to play the slot that has paid out

There is a widespread belief among slot enthusiasts that if a machine pays out a large win, it will not pay back immediately. The data shows the opposite that it is a wrong attitude to leave the slot that has just paid a good win. It is correct to do so only if you decide to stop playing, withdrawing what you have won.

Instead, it is advisable to continue playing the slot that has just paid, at least for a few more spins. This is because, unlike land-based slots which pay out all at once when a certain charge value is reached, online slots pay absolutely randomly.

Do not play the slot that recently paid out the Jackpot

It is regarded as one of the most established slot machine tricks: don’t play slot machines that have recently paid out a Progressive Jackpot.

If you choose to play slot machines with Progressive Jackpot, recommended because they allow you to make dizzying wins with a simple spin of the reels, you must AVOID THE SLOTS THAT HAVE JUST PAID A JACKPOT and opt for the slot machines that the jackpot does not pay for. a long time. This is a way to increase the chances of hitting a millionaire combination.

Play during the Dead Hours Another tip is to choose to play during the so-called ‘Dead Hours’, that is, in the afternoon, late at night, very early in the morning. This is because during these hours the number of players present in the casino is lower, so the chances of hitting a Jackpot are greater. 

Total knowledge of the slot machine to play Knowing perfectly the rules, the game mechanisms, the winning combinations of the slot you choose to play, certainly cannot be counted among the slot machine tricks, but it is undoubtedly a fundamental prerequisite for an increase in the chances of winning. 

Many players, for example, do not know that there are slot machines that pay in proportion to the bet made: for all winning combinations, the slot will pay double if you bet 2 coins, triple if you bet 3 coins. Such slots are particularly suitable for players who do not intend to bet the maximum value on each spin. 

Other slots, on the other hand, provide for high payouts and therefore a conspicuous use of tokens: these are progressive slot machines that allow you to make very high winnings, jackpots of several million $, against the payment of the maximum bet value for each spin. 

Common Sense: Play Responsibly 

Those indicated so far, as we have specified initially, are not slot machine tricks designed to break the bank on online slots or land-based machines. These are applicable tips to increase, yes, the chances of hitting winning combinations, but above all to ensure that the game sessions are limited to being a way like any other to spend time having fun. Therefore, avoid playing (often more than you can afford) to chase the millionaire win that can change your life! To such advice, any gambling enthusiast should associate the observance of the following guidelines: 

  • Continuous control of your bankroll.
  • Don’t put more into gambling than you can afford.
  • Betting negligible amounts that do not affect daily life in the least. 
  • Don’t believe anyone who claims to know foolproof slot machine tricks for winning.
  • Playing for fun and not with the main intention of winning.
  • Choose only Aams sites, legal, which guarantee strict controls.

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